Australian spirits versus the world’s best

The article was published on The Age online July 18 2014.

Do you refuse to drink a brandy if it’s not French? Turn down a whisky if it’s not Scottish? Many of us are slaves to the prestige attached to our favourite brands. Sometimes at our peril.

I recently witnessed an assured lad on a date proclaiming that all non-Scottish whiskies are complete rubbish. His clued-up date was interested in testing the theory, so she quietly ordered a new round of whiskies. He continued his essay on the unrivalled perfection of Scotch until she mentioned the whisky they were both relishing was indeed a single malt – from Melbourne.

It’s not just Australian whisky producers that can embarrass our palates. You can now find Australian gins, rums and vodkas winning awards the world over. So when all the marketing and history is removed from the glass, how do local spirits stack up against the world’s best?

Read the whole article here.


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