Craft-brewed beers come of age

This article was published on The Age online September 12, 2014.

Australia’s beer drinking palate is changing. I’m sure you’ve seen the signs: trendy labels; strange talk of IPAs, IBUs and ESBs; and one-time VB drinkers brewing raspberry ales in the back shed.

The days of treating beer as inferior or less complex than wines and spirits are over. The craft brewing industry in Australia, taking its cue from a flourishing movement in the US, has long been challenging the perception that beer must be bland and watery. Bars, pubs and top restaurants now offer a plethora of brews exhibiting the full range and intricacy of beer’s flavours.

For a beverage we so take for granted, many forget beer is the oldest and possibly the most complex drink we create. For that reason alone, no discerning drinker need stick with mass-produced, flavourless offerings.

 Read the rest of the article here.


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