How do we acquire taste?

This article was published on The Sydney Morning Herald online September 20 2014.

Whether you realise you’re doing it or not, we can all get a bit precious about what we drink; whether it’s justifying the choice of a pricey dram from the top shelf, or defending our right to choose the generic tap beer over an imported one.

I recently overheard a self-confessed ‘connoisseur’ deride one of his colleagues for ordering a common blended whisky instead of a more robust single malt. He summed up his argument thus: “Some of us have acquired a sense of taste, some obviously haven’t.”

Setting aside the sheer arrogance of his comment, it got me thinking: how do you actually acquire “a sense of taste” in the drinks you choose? Which selections indicate good taste? Is it even possible to say that some people exhibit a better sense of taste than others?

Read the rest of the article here.


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