How much should great craft beer cost?

This article was published on The Sydney Morning Herald online November 21 2014
Top amber drops (from left): Kaiju!, Moon Dog, Nail Brewing, Murray's and Crown.
Top amber drops (from left): Kaiju!, Moon Dog, Nail Brewing, Murray’s and Crown. Photo: Luke McCarthy

“Expensive” and “beer” are two words Australians don’t like to hear in the same sentence. Our thirst for a unique brew continues to grow nonetheless, and Australia’s breweries are now offering up a plethora of exclusive products to pine for.

Every second week you’ll see a new article about how the craft beer revolution has changed our drinking landscape. So unless you’ve been living in a pub with no beer, you should be accustomed to getting an eyeful – and hopefully, a mouthful – of some of the amazing local offerings out there.

Many drinkers are willing to part with big dollars for that special bottle of wine, and we’re spending more than ever before on top-shelf spirits. Are we also willing pay a premium for a special beer?

To test the question I sat down with some beer folk to taste five of the most expensive beers produced in Australia and find out exactly what you get from these pricey brews.

Read the whole article here.


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