NZ v Australia: Who makes better beer?

This article was published on The Age online February 27, 2015.

Relaxing with a beer in front of the cricket is a treasured pastime on both sides of the ditch. But all neighbourly bonds will be set aside this week when Australia and New Zealand go head to head in the Cricket World Cup. I was recently made aware of another classic trans-Tasman battle that’s been heating up in recent years when gently sledging a proud Kiwi about the upcoming game. He immediately hit back at me – “You might win the cricket, but at least we make better beer.” Ouch.

But his hypothesis surely needed some testing. And as we’re quite fond of trans-Tasman rivalries here at Executive Style, an experiment was obviously necessary. So I visited some local breweries, brew pubs and bottle shops to consult the experts, and realised that the most scientific way to test the premise was a simple blind tasting with some proper beer folk.

After organising the judging panel, I consulted the highly regarded Purvis Beer store in Melbourne’s east to help me figure out which Aussie and Kiwi brews would best suit the occasion. We tried to choose beers that were similar in style, flavour and production, but that still asked some interesting questions of both industries.

Continue reading the article here.


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