Dark beer stepping into the light

This article was published on the Sydney Morning Herald online April 11, 2015

Australians have a curious relationship with dark beer. Granted, the climate isn’t conducive to year-round quaffing of porter, but many of us avoid dark beers like we avoid church.

I was made aware of this last week when I took along a few bottles of stout to a barbecue. It was a cruel April afternoon, surprising everyone with its cold, windy grumpiness. Good stout weather, I surmised, but as soon as I opened one of the classic Australian stouts I’d brought along, things turned malicious. Suddenly I was hit with “better sit down before you break down, old man” and “all those changes to the pension must be a worry”.

We definitely seem to be a bit standoff-ish towards darker styles; they do tend to carry a bit of an old man image.

Andrew Robson

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